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Bandinfo: Welle: Erdball

“Listening, here´s Welle:Erdball, symphony of time.
She´s swinging and swelling out of the ether into eternity!”

Welle: ErdballWould you like to listen again to the sound of the eighties, i. e. to the Neue Deutsche Welle, and where appropriate even feel it? All of this Even in a modern style that left the future behind long time ago?

Welle:Erdball absolutely hits the spot! The radio moderators HONEY, A.L.F., the C=64, Soraya, Misses Venus, and the complete team of Welle:Erdball are at your disposal each day and night.

Since 1990 the appliance is broadcasting. German lyrics are linked with fireworks of electronic. Nothing is embroidered or even being forgotten.

In all circumstances, Welle:Erdball stands by your side with advice and deed. Welle:Erdball is everywhere and up to date. All of Germany and many of surrounding countries have been already linked to the net.

Welle:Erdball starts where artists like Kraftwerk, Profil, DAF, Ideal, ect. unfortunately stagnated. And even on stage they are heard and seen with a kaleidoscope full of computer technology – drawn from life and black and white.

After already ten records, Welle:Erdball publishes the newest radio show on vinyl. It´s the sound storage medium that you have had to wait a long time for:

“Nur tote Frauen sind schön”

Once again, analog tones and electro pop are sent into the ether and the essential of life
Is summarised. And the listener merges with a word of technology, mysticism, and perfect products.

Don´t miss out of anything and locate by the correct frequency – like millions of other listeners – the correct broadcast station with your receiving set. Welle:Erdball doesn´t
wait for you! And anybody who doesn´t keep up with the time … has to keep out.
Currently there are
no scheduled tourdates
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For booking requests please contact:

marco@protain.de (Marco Goethel)