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Bandinfo: Seelennacht
Seelennacht takes you away on a visionary journey and leads you into the depths of your consciousness. Seelennacht is electronic music with thoughtfulness, paired with a tang of dark romance, which fascinates in association with the distinctive vocals from the first second. Besides singer and song writer Marc Ziegler writes all lyrics and compositions on his own and founded the project in the year 2008.

SeelennachtCatchy melodies, profound lyrics in both English and German language, danceable rhythms and artistic aspiration determine Seelennacht and form a sound experience of the notably kind. Powerful club tracks meet flattering ballads and earworm-esque synthpop songs.

Fundametally characterized by visionary authors like Jules Verne and H.G. Wells, the project corresponds to the outline of Steampunk. The longing and dreams of everysingle one as well as stories written by life are at this equally contentually essential aspects like the themes: departure, recommencement, romance and self-reflection.

An intense sound experience which you never get out of your ears again. Be a part of the story!
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